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Get in Girl,
Let's Chase
Our Dreams

is my
recurring daydream...

Me, at a drool-worthy pool in Scottsdale surrounded by my besties. I just finished a powerful exercise on building my dream life and executing my business goals. I am celebrated for taking up space and being unrealistic and crazy. I openly, and without judgement talk about my desire to become rich, to feel purposeful and live a life of total fulfillment. I am soaking up the sun before we get ready in this beautiful space I have been sharing with my girls. We are heading out to one of the hottest restaurants in Scottsdale. I can’t believe this is my life.

Does that sound dreamy or what?


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To The
Ultimate Girls Trip

We have chosen only a handful of girls that we think are a MUST-HAVE on this trip, and you gf, are one of them!


What to expect

  • We want you to dream so damn big for these 3 days that it scares you!

  • Business masterminding lead by Dayle and I – Between us we own 8 businesses and have been at it for the last 20 years!

  • In-depth strategy sessions focused on your business.

  • Custom implementation of your next steps.

  • A sisterhood like you have never experienced. We are talking life long friends that share the same big ideas and passion for expansion. There might even be someone in this group that can help take your business or your ideas to the next level. 

  • FUN – toot toot – hate to toot my horn but I may be the greatest planner of creativity and fun of all time (I am still an 8 yr old child at heart). 

  • All the food you can eat – don’t get crazy, this is not going to be a Mexican buffet but we will serve you all the meals and all the snacks that are delicious, nourishing and included with your package. 

  • Dinner at one of Scottsdale’s hottest restaurants – Leave your purse at home, this one is included too (except alcohol).

  • All the belly laughs, heartfelt cries and every emotion in between. We are going to get vulnerable and empowered.

  • Each participant gets to be a guest on the top-rated Proof It's Possible Podcast.



Let's Go Girls
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These experiences are designed to be very intimate and space is extremely limited.


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