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Get In Girl,
Let's Chase Our Dreams Together!

We want you to dream so damn big for these 3 days that it scares you, poolside with your new group of besties. 

Dayle & Jamie

Are The Founders Of

The Ultimate
Girls Trip 

About Us

“Proof It’s Possible” is the podcast full of everything you could ever want from a morning coffee chat with a close girlfriend - or sister! Hosted by sisters and best friends, Dayle Sheehan and Jamie Francis, these ambitious ladies want to chat with you about anything…from the light-hearted trending topics on their minds, to the real, vulnerable hardships they’ve each faced.  


Everywhere they go, people comment on the unwavering bond that Dayle and Jamie have. A friendship so deep, they have the privilege of saying their truths out loud OR calling each other out when necessary - all while remaining best friends. Oftentimes, the people who interact with them or spend time in their presence say, “I wish I had a sister or best friend that I was this close with!”


Well, now you do! Come along and listen in on Dayle and Jamie’s morning coffee chats. The topics will range from styles they’re loving, to dreams they’re chasing, from fears they are facing, to the things they’re most excited about. You’ll hear about struggles and triumphs in business and life, and leave each episode shattering the glass ceiling on your own limitations! The topics are endless…so, join them every Thursday morning! 


These sisters are creating a community of folks who want to live their best lives, dream SO big it scares you, and have all the fun along the way - who’s in?!

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